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If the jewel (s) do not correspond to the expectation of the buyer, he has a withdrawal period of 14 working days to return at his expense, the jewel (s) ( x) he has ordered (s) and without any penalty, to the following address: GINION SA - Boulevard TIROU, 139 to B-6000 CHARLEROI. For security reasons, we recommend returning the jewel (s) by registered mail. However, the buyer is free to use the shipping method of his choice. This period runs from the day after the delivery of the order and must be complied with. We advise to return the jewel (s) in its (their) state of origin because, in case of depreciation resulting from manipulations of the goods other than those necessary to establish the nature, the characteristics and the good functioning of these goods , the consumer will be liable for this depreciation and may be liable to the GINION SA for compensation corresponding to said depreciation. This compensation will be equivalent to the expenses generated for the repair of the depreciated property and may reach, at most, the purchase price of the property if it was impossible to sell it.